Quality Clock Repairs for Clients in the UK

Ensure your clock is fully functioning and looking great with the help of our clock repairs and timepiece restoration services. At Ontime Clock Services, based in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, we take great pride in seeing each clock working once again as well as looking as good as possible.


Make sure that your clock works for longer by allowing is to clean and oil it on a regular basis. Clocks are expected to work continuously; if you think of your family car or a washing machine, for example, running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can imagine how quickly they would wear out. This is why it is essential that you allow us to maintain your clock so that it will continue to work on a second-by-second basis.


When your clock is no longer working or requires cleaning or oiling, we come to your property to assess the situation for ourselves. Once we have found out exactly what service your clock requires, we provide you with an estimate. When the estimate is accepted, we will then collect your clock to take to our premises to perform the necessary work (although servicing can generally be performed in your home). Finally, once the service has been completed, we will return your clock to you and set it up correctly.


You will not be charged an extortionate amount for our clock repairs, restorations, or service. We do charge different amounts, as the cost is dependent upon the type of clock and your location, but we make sure we keep our prices down.

We now also offer a card payment option and are able to take most major cards!

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